About Me

As a young, self-taught oil painter, I am driven to experience unfamiliar mediums and improve my techniques. I grew up in a house of digital designers and teachers, and my study of fine arts was encouraged; however, I pushed myself to research artistic techniques and concepts on my own. During this investigation, I became enamored with the process of traditional oil painting and contemporary illustration. 

I have always loved the expansive colors found in nature. When I was young, I thrived on getting my hands in the dirt and building sanctuaries under extraordinary trees, creating fairy gardens and magical scenes with the resources nature gave me. Over time, this led me to the field of ecology and scientific illustration, which I intend to pursue in university. Whether it includes illustrating botanicals, painting still-lifes, or developing dyes and paints from flowers and rocks, nature is always my favorite collaborator.

Excitedly waiting for what my future holds for me, I am pursuing an artistic career, hoping to create work that inspires or resonates with other people in this chaotic world.