Purchase an Original

Below I have listed my original pieces up for purchase. In the description of each piece, you will find the title and price.

$55 USD
Applesauce $55 USD
Safety Net
$55 USD
Safety Net $55 USD
-Oil paint on stretched canvas.
Figs $120 USD
Laundry Line
$80 USD
Laundry Line $80 USD
$130 USD
Dawn $130 USD
To Understand
$300 USD
To Understand $300 USD
Coming of Age
$220 USD
Coming of Age $220 USD
$45 USD
Peaches $45 USD
Rose Garden
$60 USD
Rose Garden $60 USD
Milk and Tea
$60 USD
Milk and Tea $60 USD
Blotted Lipstick
$80 USD
Blotted Lipstick $80 USD